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Objectives of the NES&WGA

A)  To meet and discuss mutual problems or sheep husbandry, exchange ideas, disseminate information and formulate plans with the intent of aiding the sheep industry.


B)  To cooperate with Federal, State, County and local officials to bring about a strict enforcement of all predatory animal laws and disease control.

C)  To encourage and assist in the organization of youth sheep clubs.

D)  To conduct sheep sales and wool pool (s) at the discretion of the board of directors.

E)  To assist the sheep industry in setting up a marketing program for lambs and wool. To promote lamb quality by supporting carcass shows and marketing seminars.

F)  To improve the communications between and among the various sheep organizations located in New England and Eastern New York areas.

G)  To promote, encourage, and assist in the youth activities sponsored by the Northeast organizations. Such as Junior shows, Judging activities, and scholarship and educational activities.

H)  To disseminate information and material aimed at the keeping and management of sheep.

I)  To cooperated with farm organizations and agricultural business groups to keep them aware of the needs of the sheep industry.

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