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Harry Hardwick Memorial Scholarship Awards

The New England Sheep and Wool Growers Association annually present TWO memorial awards for $1000 each. To qualify, a student must have completed one year of his or her undergraduate studies or be enrolled in graduate school. The applicant can not be in a Dual Enrollment program (being enrolled in High School and College at the same time).


FIRST AWARD:            Student must be majoring in an agricultural field.

SECOND AWARD:        Student should have a 4-H, FFA or Youth Sheep Project background, but may be majoring in a                                   non-agricultural field.


These awards are available to the residents of the New England States and Eastern New York State where the New England Sheep and Wool Growers have an appointed director, to students who themselves or families are members of NES&WGA, or to students who have exhibited at the Northeast Youth Sheep Show.


The application and resume for the Harry Hardwick Memorial Award is attached and must be postmarked by June 15, 2024.  Three letters of recommendation must be enclosed with the application.  The individual completing the recommendation may return it to you in a sealed envelope.


Send completed applications to:

Rachael Gately

75 Pioneer Heights

Somers, CT 06071

If there are any questions about these scholarships contact Rachael though email:


Applicants will be notified of the selections by July 5, 2024.  


The awards will be presented at the Northeast Youth Sheep Show, July 19-21, 2024, held at the Eastern States Exposition Fairground in West Springfield, MA - specific date and time to be announced. The winners are strongly encouraged to attend the presentation of the awards.

Download the Application Form
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